We are 3! A message from the editor

18159303_10155101932810390_284977002_oCrazily, it’s true. The longest running (and now only) site dedicated to Commodore Format is already 3 years old! I started the project because I was staggered that nobody else had; my love for CF and the memories hadn’t faded since 1995, and I figured I couldn’t be alone. You guys proved me right.

But it’s not about me. The star is and always will be Commodore Format and the readers and staff who made it great. Both have made the website one of the greatest tributes to a computer games magazine out there. You – the editors, writers and readers of CF – have made that possible. Not me. So thank-you.

What I particularly want to praise is the relentless positivity and good feeling that leaps from each of your posts and contributions. In an increasingly crazy and negative world, that alone makes the Commodore Format Archive worthwhile.

We’re not done yet. It’s the responsibility of our generation to preserve this fantastic era of gaming for the enjoyment of those yet to come. This is our small contribution. Here’s to another 3 years, and beyond.

Neil Grayson – Editor, Commodore Format Archive