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The Commodore Format Archive is a not-for-profit fan site and blog. Advertisements carried along page footers are generated by WordPress; we don’t get any funds from them. We’re unconnected with Future plc. All features and interviews on this site are our own; they may not be reproduced without permission. All images of the magazine are hosted at and not on this site; they remain the copyright of Future plc. For more please see our legal notice here. 


SITE EDITOR Neil Grayson

ARTWORK Christopher Heppinstall (site banner, social media memes, videos) ● Johnnathan Taylor (Power Packs) ● Cameron Davis (The Mighty Brain)

CONTRIBUTERS Andy Roberts ● Simon Forrester ● Mike Roberts ● Frank Gasking ● Cameron Davis ● Russty Russ ● Christopher Heppinstall ● Stephen Stuttard



THANKS Steve Jarratt ● Scott Weir ● Khristian Rainford ● Dougie Badger ● And all the CF staff who’ve taken the time to be interviewed.

This website is dedicated to everyone involved in the making of Commodore Format. You made us happy. Thank-you.

What’s this website all about? We’re an unofficial appreciation of the C64 magazine, Commodore Format. It was published in the United Kingdom between 1990 and 1995.

They were making a Commodore 64 magazine in 1995? The Playstation was out by then! Awesome, isn’t it? Read all about the magazine’s incredible history here.

So who are you? I’m Neil, I’m in my thirties and I was a big fan of CF back in the day. The Commodore 64 was my first computer, which I was given around the same time the magazine started. I’ve got loads of fond memories of the magazine and the computer. I was really surprised that there wasn’t very much about Commodore Format online, so I started a Facebook page in 2013. It got popular. So this site happened in 2014.

Why’s it a WordPress, though? A few reasons. First, I’m not that great with web stuff and this is really straightforward to use. Plenty of people offered to build a site for me early on but nobody ever came through. I just wanted to get started as we had so much cool stuff to write about, so here we are. And now, I quite like how the WordPress site looks. Kind of ’90s! We have original content and new information on every single page. Interviews, features, never-seen-before stuff. It speaks for itself and it’s easy to read on any platform, no hassle.

I genuinely think that this is one of the strongest collections of articles about any of the old computer mags out there. I’m very proud of it and very grateful to everyone who’s helped me. There is page upon page upon page of exclusive and new information here. There isn’t – sadly –  an equivalent out there for Amiga Format or Amstrad Action, y’know.

What are the new Power Packs all about? For a bit of fun, we decided to release a new “covertape” in the summer of 2014. They were by far the most popular part of CF and we thought you might like a new one. The feedback was incredible, so we did another in November 2014. There was a final tape in February 2015. Which appropriately enough was number 64!

How do I play them? Find out here.

Will you ever release the Power Packs on a real cassette? We’d love to – but legally, we can’t. Future plc still own the rights to the Commodore Format brand. We can’t charge you for things with their intellectual property (name, logo etc) on. Sorry about that – it’s just the way it is and it won’t change.

Will you ever do a  new issue of Commodore Format, like they did with ZZAP! 64 and others? Interesting one. Probably not. I’ll be honest: I wrote a long, passionate essay on my love for the magazine and how it inspired my career choice and how I would love to do one really. But I haven’t published it here. Because what it comes down to is this. This website’s job is to love and remember Commodore Format – not to be it. We’re not them.

You are a bit. Stop it. CF

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