All the Power Pack stuff

Commodore_Format_PowerPack_3_1990-12Commodore Format‘s famous cover mounted cassette was a crucial part of the CF experience and the site’s full of cool stuff celebrating it, so we thought we’d better start an index of it all in one place. As of March 2018 we’re doing a fortnightly (er, ish) guide to every single tape, too, so you’ll see that list growing here.


Well, it’s all still copyrighted stuff for the most part and we don’t want any bother around here, thanks, so – soz about that. It’s all out there, though. Just not here.

Power Pack

Power Pack 2

Power Pack 3

Power Pack 4

Power Pack 5

Power Pack 6

Power Pack 7

Power Pack 8

Power Pack 9

Power Pack 10

Power Pack 11

Power Pack 12

Power Pack 13

Power Pack 14

Power Pack 15

Power Pack 16

Power Pack 17

Power Pack 18

Power Pack 19

Power Pack 20

Power Pack 21

We update with a new Power Pack feature every two weeks until we get to the end! Oh – and don’t miss these other Power Pack things from around the site…

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