mightybrain_jarHere are the goodies! There’s loads of stuff you won’t have seen before here – including staff style guides, subscriber newsletters, the first ever sketches of Roger Frames and letters between the magazine and freelancers. The vast majority of this stuff is being published here for the first time.

ALL THE COVERS! Every single one, in lovely high quality, for your man cave. The wife will be thrilled, trust us.

ALL THE POWERPACK BOXES! Every single on…(you get the idea – Ed)

BINDERS The holy grail for CF collectors. Drool here.

CF SMASH HITS TAPES (PRE POWER PACK) The first two covertapes were a bit different, and most of the DIY inlays haven’t survived. These ones have, though.

CF ACTION REPLAY SUPPLEMENT The free POKE booklet from issue 7.

CF’s FINAL COVER – UNCUT!  Direct from artist, here’s the full and glorious final depiction of Roger Frames in seriously good quality!.

COVERMOUNTS Badges, stickers, door hangers – we’ve got them all.

CLYDE RADCLIFFE CARTOONS Steve Rowlands’ fuzzy wuzzy adventures from the making of Creatures 2 feature.

FAST ANTI SOFTWARE PIRACY ADS The story behind the controversial – and abandoned – campaign.

FANZINE MENTIONS It’s not always really in a great spirit, but we’ve reproduced the sniffy fanzine reaction to the last days of CF for you here.

FES 1992 BROCHURE  The CF pages from the November 1992 games expo.

FES 1993 BROCHURE The CF pages from the 1993 expo, including a lovely mocked up Mayhem cover.

LETTERS FROM CF Andy Roberts gave us these letters that he recieved from CF during his time as a freelancer. Interesting stuff, this.

LAUNCH PRESS All the build up to the launch of a brand new C64 magazine.

ROGER FRAMES SKETCHES  Brilliantly, we’ve got the first ever rough sketch of Roger here.

THE 1992/1993 DIARY Download the whole thing!

THE CF SAMPLE ISSUE A small issue of CF came in the box with new C64s in the early ’90s. Read it here.

THE FUTURE PUBLISHING ARCHIVE News cuttings, press releases, and anything else interesting we find about CF‘s parent company.

THE COMMODORE FORMAT STYLE GUIDE A fascinating insight into the way Future Publishing mags were produced in the ’90s.

THE COMPLETE SET OF SUBSCRIBER NEWSLETTERS Every single newsletter reproduced online for the first time ever!