mightybrain_jarWe’re really proud to not just be a scans or forum site. As well as our chats with old members of staff, some of ’em have even written new stuff for us. There’s an archive of stuff below, but you can also access the cool new content anywhere on the site by using that “features” drop down menu. Sweet! (The drop down menu doesn’t always work on mobile or tablet, which is something we can’t control – but you’ll always get redirected here for the full list – Ed)

  • BEST OF BUDGET The top rated £3.99 games as rated by CF…how many did you have, and what’s number one?
  • CF AT CHRISTMAS: Our look at the best C64 games from Christmas in the Commodore Format years. Features 1990, 1991, 1992 and 1993. Plus,the making of a very special festive CF.
  • SIMON FORRESTER on Mayhem In Monsterland at 20 In 2013, one of Mayhem’s original reviewers – and a supporter of the 100% score – took a look back at the game as it reached 20 years of age. Does Simon still think it holds up?
  • MY CF Commodore Format readers tell us what the mag meant to them, and how it’s shaped their lives. Some fantastic stories here from journalists, musicians and more.
  • ISSUE REVIEW We’re making our way through every issue of CF here, with a feature and behind-the-scenes goss to go with it. Plus – a link to a scan of each mag!
  • WORST RATED GAMES Our top ten includes some incredible revelations on 11% stinker, Dick Tracy!

You can also read our special feature celebrating 25 years of Commodore Format.


There are a variety of Mayhem In Monsterland pieces scattered through the site. There’s a home page with them all indexed hereCF