Launch adverts

Commodore Format was produced by Future PLC. These days it’s one of the UK’s largest publishers, with offices in the US and Australia. It’s the official producer of magazines for Sony and Microsoft – and over three decades they have produced a huge array of titles for pretty much every games machine.

But in 1990, it was just five years old. The company was started by Chris Anderson (yes, him from TED!) following his dismissal from ZZAP! 64 publishers, Newsfield. The first title was Amstrad Action – but as Steve Jarratt told us, he was soon keen to take on his old employers with a Commodore 64 magazine of his own.

The first the world knew was when adverts appeared in the summer 1990 issues of Future Publishing magazines Your Sinclair, Amstrad Action, New Computer Express and ST Format. The third advert in the set is from December 1990’s Amiga Format. CF was three issues old by that point, and the already famous covertape had a box! CF


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