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ead every issue of Commodore Format here! There’s an awesome feature to go with each one, too. We’ll be updating every month until we’ve done the set. Last update: issue 54, on 21st August 2017

There were 61 issues of Commodore Format published between October 1990 and October of 1995. Five solid years of coverage for a machine which was already considered yesterday’s news before a single issue had been sold. It’s not too much of a stretch to suggest that Commodore Format extended the C64’s life in the UK by a good few years.

Here in our Issue Review section, we’re slowly making our way through half a decade’s worth of the best C64 mag ever. There’ll be a cool, decent-length feature to accompany every issue of Commodore Format, and a link so you can read the whole thing too thanks to

This feature replaces our old Classic Issue section. Enjoy ’em! CF

1990 (Editor: Steve Jarratt)

1991 (Editors: Steve Jarratt to issue 15; Colin Campbell from 16)

 1992 (Editors: Colin Campbell to issue 17; Trenton Webb from 18)

 1993 (Editors: Trenton Webb to issue 35; Andy “Hutch” Hutchinson from 36)

1994 (Editors: Andy “Hutch” Hutchinson to issue 43; Dave Golder from 44; Karen Levell from 51. Tim Norris co-edits 50 and 51 during the handover to Karen)

1995 (Editors: Karen Levell to 58; Simon Forrester from 59 to 61)